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Ear candling is an increasingly popular treatment which sometimes favours ear wax syringing. Ear candlings safe and effective method provides a truly relaxing and therapeutic experience to offer many benefits and safely soften ear wax The candles themselves are made of beeswax and are impregnated with essential oils to maximise their benefit.

How Does It Work?

When lit, the candles produce a wave like sensation the travels down into the ear, giving a gentle massage to the ear drum.

The gentle heat produced by the candle allows for the relaxation of all the membranes within the nasal cavities and membranes, and this is why ear candling is effective for conditions like sinusitis and hay fever.

Can It Help Me?

Hopi ear candles help with:

  • Hay Fever
  • Sinus Problems
  • Compacted Wax
  • Tinnitus

Ear candling can be very useful for those who experience ear problems when flying.

Common Questions

The therapist will always stay with the client during ear candling treatment and you can be reassured that ear candling is a very safe treatment when performed correctly. Here are some frequently asked questions below

Is It Uncomfortable?

The candles are never uncomfortable. The therapist will stay with you during the whole treatment and will hold the candle in position at all times

Can the Candle Burn Me?

If your therapist is with you at all times and uses the correct equipment then safety is ensured. If ash from the candle falls, by the time it reaches its point of contact, it is cold. The surrounding areas of the client’s face will be covered to avoid ash on the skin.

Is the Treatment Noisy?

You will experience popping, hissing or crackling noises which have always been described as pleasant and relaxing.

I’ve Heard That Some Candles Can Be Unsafe. Is This True?

Some candles have a reputation for being unsafe, and that’s why North Wales Therapy only uses candles which have been rigorously tested for quality and safety. They must be compliant with the EU regulation 93/42/EEC, and registered as a medical device in the EU. Only candles that meet with these standards will ever be used.

How Much Does It Cost?

An hour-long session costs £40. This includes treatment followed by a facial and acupressure massage. More severe cases may require more than one treatment. If you’re struggling with relaxing, you could try a massage sessions.

Other Information

Please inform your therapist if you have any of the below symptoms, or have had in the past:

  • Ear Infections
  • Perforated Ear Drum
  • Recent Ear, Nose, or Throat Surgery
  • Ear Cysts or Tumours
  • Allergy to Bee Stings
  • Grommets

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